18 September 2013

'Twas the Night Before... Isthmus?

There’s something about the night before that is timeless, as fleeting as it is.  I still remember the night before my ninth birthday, the night before I moved into my freshman dorm, and the night before I gave my senior cello recital.  The heightened emotion, whether terror or excitement, keeps you lying electrically tense late into the night, trying to turn off your thoughts while helpless to stop them.  I have always imagined that the night before getting married, I would be unable to sleep and would finally crawl out of bed at dawn, merely grateful that the night was over.

Tomorrow I begin my first level-one field placement, shadowing an occupational therapist at an elementary school.  It is merely one full day of shadowing in and of itself, but from my late-night perspective, it is quite a significant milestone.  Tomorrow marks the first day of my career endeavors within the workplace.  Tomorrow I will leave the house at 7:00 a.m. wearing a badge that introduces me with the letters “OTS” after my name.  Tomorrow.

Well, let’s make it 7:15.

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